Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lily's slipper

This is my slipper with yarn and big crochet hook. may I complain?! LOL when I caught a big crochet hook to make my slipper , I felt that I carry a very heavy rod, and the yarn looked like a very thick rope too. I am afraid that I am getting used and familiar with fine thread and little little steel crochet hook.

Close look at embroidery touch

This is a close look at my slipper specially its embroidery stitch. It is kind of mixed interlaced embroidery stitch with two colors. I see the embroidery touch on knitted or crocheted piece is really great touch because it gives us a good chance to use our other skills or another kind of art. Also it is easier to make embroidery with yarn more than silk thread, and also decorate a very plain fabric with wonderful delicate touch.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book.N.2

This is the unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book N. 2. the whole unit is a collar made up of some grapes, leaves, and vines. I have made this unit using a thread size 50 , padding cord size 10, and steel crochet hook size 11.

I have decided to pay more attention to my Irish motifs; I am really learning doing them, but also decide to use them as possible. The Irish motif cost a lot of time doing them, so I want to use them as decorative parts on my other garments, like motif 31 which I have used it as decorative on my thread sweater .
When I started to do , and learn Irish crochet, I have use thread size 20 , and padding cord size 10, and these sizes gave me huge motifs. When I thought to use them as decorative parts, I have reduced the size of the thread, so I am using now size 50, and 10 as padding cord.

This motif also is so special because I did it with my friend Barb. Actually we started to do our Irish motifs many times ago, and we did, but this one we did it , step by step with each other. We crochet online together ; It was time full of fun, chatting, and discussion too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Irish necklace

This necklace is my first Irish necklace. I have made it using thread size 10 and steel crochet hook size 7. I have started to do it since three weeks, and stopped , then returned to complete it again. It cost me about 4 hours to finish and about 20 gram of the thread. oh I want to add , it is really better than its pictures.

Close look at my Irish necklace

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first thread sweater

This is my first thread sweater. I have made it from a Russian Magazine called "MOA ""N.497-2007".
I love this magazine so much, I love its design, and its colors. This magazine has a lot of an Irish blouses which I wish to do some of them once.

This sweater has cost me a lot of time to do it- about 40 hours to finish. I also have used about 8 skeins ; each skein is 50 gram, and I also have made it use a steel hook size 1 and cotton thread size 10.

oh by the way, I have sewn this trousers , and this skirt too.

close look at flower

This flower is an Irish flower motif 31 from Priscilla Book N. 2. I have made it using thread size 50 , padding cord size 10 , and crochet hook size 12.

close look at its sleeve

Close look at button holes and buttons

Close look at its motif

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New picture for Mody ( my nephew )

I love this photo so much for Mody. look at him , very deep thinking or maybe gazing as if he practises meditation; many times I saw this looking on his face specially when he got up. Who knows what our minds gain in this stage of our age!. He is three and half years old.
lollolll Mody prevents his father to get photo for him by closing his eyes, so the camera will never sees him.
Mody is celebrating his third year.

New Photo for Jana ( My niece

Jana is wearing her new dress , and she is now 3 years old. She has chosen this dress by herself, no one can choose for her.

Jana between her toys, but for some reasons does not seam happy.
Jana one year and half.
Jan one years old. I love her so much , so sweet and very cute; you should listen to her talking now.
She has her favorite actor, and love him so much. lolollllllllllllllllll

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Bead necklace

I have made this necklace using a bead net stitch; it is really lovely stitch , and make beautiful necklace. This is a free pattern , but they don't tell how to finish this necklace, so I have chosen to repeat the last three steps to compete it in this way. I have made this necklace before using a small rounded pearl , and really gave me a wonderful result. I have tried it this time using a different shape , and this gave me a different result.

For this pattern
For this pattern

Close look at my necklace

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The gloves

Finally, I have completed my gloves. This glove is a flat pattern; this means you finish the palm first with thumb , but thumb is in round, then you start to make the back, and then join both-back and palm- in a crochet hook. The back of this glove was made band by band , then join the four bands with crochet hook before you join the palm and back. The final step is to make the wrist.
The wrist of this glove is made in flat and in round because you make the band of the wrist in flat then join it, and three lace rounds, then you join the wrist with the whole glove. finally you make the picot in the last row.
As I said before , I have made these gloves with thread size 70 and steel crochet hook size 11.
I am working on another lace glove with another technique; it is a glove in round. The whole glove will be work in round; there is no a flat part. Hope it will be easier lol.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My cute sweet niece

This is my niece. Her name is Jana, and her nickname is Jojo. She is 3 years old, and very very sweet and cute. I love her so much.

My lovely sweet nephew

This is my nephew. His name is Ahmed, and his nickname is Mody. He is 3.5 years old; I really adore him.

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