Monday, December 17, 2012

Shawl for my mum

I have made this shawl for my mum. My sister is wearing it for picture. I have made it using 100% Merino wool, and crochet hook size 2.5mm. It is very thin wool, about 520 meter per 100 grams. This first time I have used the Merino wool to create something.
Thanks God My mum loves this shawl so much. I think the most reason for her love was its color because she loves black so much, the second reason was its weight because she love everything in light weight, the third reason was its softness.
I have tried to make it in another color, but I know she won't wear it , so I have made it in black as she want it to be.

Close look

Close look at the shawl , and the stitch of it.

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