Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Irish doily

I didn't have any intention to make a doily. I wanted to discover how to make a background for my next Irish blouse so I collected some of my old Irish motifs, arranged them, and make this background .
You can see  that I didn't  make anything special in this arrangement because I just want to learn. After I  made this background I have made this Irish edge.
I have learned , and discovered many things about background specially about its direction ,  how I can work backward, and hold the hook horizontally . For me it is better to tack the motifs using sewing back stitch than pin them down. 

Close look at some parts, and edge

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silk Ribbon embroidery (Pillow case)

Pillow case .
This time I have made this embroidery as a pillow case. I didn't sew it yet, but you will get a picture of it when I finish it as a pillow case. ( it is about 50*48 cm)

Close look at stitches.
I have made the leaves using a straight stitch instead of ribbon stitch. Also I have made those little flowers using a french knot, and also the feather stitch to make their stem
The roses,
Roses here are  three rounds; the first one is folded center, the second is loop stitch, and third is ribbon stitch. one of them is not folded center, but french knots center which is white with yellow-green center.
The bud ,
I have used two colors to make this closed bud, and also ribbon stitch to make the leaves of the bud. Also use the stem embroidery stitch to make the stem of the bud.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beads, and Macrame

This is my favorite lace necklace. African net. I love this necklace. I have made it before but with little pearls . This time I have made it using a seed beads size 8. I am not beader, but sometime I like to do myself some things using beads. ( this is Net stitch )

This bracelet and ring I have made them  using a "Daisy stitch" beads size 8 too
Now Macrame,
I have made those  four bracelets  for my sister.

This macrame bracelet for me
I also love the finishing of this one, and I made the same finishing for the bracelets of my sister.

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