Saturday, July 31, 2010

My lace glove

This is my first lace glove. I have made it with a thread size 70 and steel crochet hook size 11.
I have revised the pattern to fit my hands, so I use a smaller size of thread and a smaller size of hook. It was real adventure with this pattern. I really love it , and I think I will make another lace glove with the same thread size , but maybe a different color.

Close look at my lace gloves

See its tiny picot; it is smaller than a very tiny seed bead. I love it.

My first crochet sweater

This is my First crochet sweater, but it won't be the last one. I am planning to make a lot of blouses, skirts, sweater with both yarn and thread and even a small size of thread. I am also planning to do some Irish blouses and bags. Hope I can do all of them.

close look at the edge

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swan lake doily

Close look

Swan lake doily workshop

I have found a picture of this doily, and few pictures for its stages. I loved this doily and wanted to do it, but I have not a pattern, just few pictures. when I made it I got some pictures for its stages. I already know how to make its swan because I have made it before. I have chosen this flower to put it in this doily. I hope these pictures will help anyone who wants to do this adorable doily.

The flower pattern

the Flower

swan pattern

the swan

Join small lake to center lake

Center lake

Small lake

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