Sunday, September 23, 2012

top down blouse for my sister

I have made this blouse for my sister. As you see it is top down blouse; I have made it using thread size 20, and steel crochet hook size 8. I wanted to learn this technique of making blouse from top to down, and she chose this pattern so I have made it for her.
After I finished this blouse , I can say it is so easy technique to try, and it makes lovely blouse with yoke also sweater with yoke or raglan shaping.
This is a charting Japanese pattern-which I prefer to work with more than written pattern.
This blouse also is seamless ; it has no seam in any part nor in body or sleeves or any part. Completely seamless with so so few weave in ends thread. You just work in circle in the whole stages
I also want to say that I have changed the edge of bottom, and sleeves of the blouse, and chose another edge to match more with the yoke stitch , and shape. I also changed the stitches  inside the pattern of edge and used popcorn instead of puff stitch also to match the popcorn of the yoke- love to change things.☺☺☻. Here is the result.

Close look, Flat picture

This is a close look at the yoke, edge, sleeve, and gusset of the sleeve.

This is flat picture for the blouse


This Is the yoke of the blouse. As you  see it started from top to down as circle until we start to shape for sleeves, and body.
This is the shaping stage . In this stage we start to distribute the yoke  for body, and complete it first, then start to make sleeves one by one to finish it with the same edge as body's edge.

Combination of Irish motifs

The Roman cord motif, leaf with reversible decorative stitch, another kind of leaf, and  withe rose.All those motifs make my combination of this Irish motifs. All of them from Russian " MOA"  magazine

Roman Cord To be Irish motif

This is a Roman Cord which be an Irish motif using single crochet stitch, and reversible single crochet. This motif from Russian magazine "MOA"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bullion Stitch doily

I have made this doily using a steel crochet hook size 0.85 mm, and cotton crochet thread size 20. It is almost 65 g . This doily has my favorite two stitches which are Bullion stitch , and picot stitch. Its 15 wrapped bullion stitch, and two types of picot stitch.

I didn't want  to make any other doily; I already made lot of them, but this doily smile at me ☺☺☺☺so I couldn't resist doing it.

Close look at my doily

Close look at the edge;

Blocking doily

Friday, September 7, 2012

My beret for winter

My beret with Irish roses , and motif. of course without that green leaf.

close look at my beret

close look for each sides, upper, and bottom of my beret

workshop for my beret

I have made this beret for me, and I have used DK yarn, and 3mm crochet hook to make it.

Roses for my beret

I have made that red Irish rose, then that green clone stitch part, and added that deep red swirl rose. I didn't add that green leaves to my beret.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My lace Beret

My lace beret is a pattern from Russian magazine (MOA). I have used cotton thread size 20. and steel crochet hook size 1.75mm. Usually I don't like to repeat any pattern, but I love this one so much, and I think I will repeat it again using another color, or maybe combination of colors.

Beret Blocking

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