Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tatting Floral Bookmark

I have done two floral bookmarks . I have found this pattern in a Spanish magazine, and did it.
See their pictures. I will show you how to do it step by step later. Hope you like them.

 The other one
Another picture for both of them
The original pattern tells us to use two different sizes of threads to do this bookmark. I have done this with the blue-green one, and I have used the same size of thread with the red-green one.
we must use two shuttles to do this bookmark.
I have used  a big bead at the end of each other , and a tassel to decorate my bookmarks.

Happy tatting.

Little tatting motif-lot of New thing to learn

What I have learned doing this motif?
1) I have learned to do "Folded Join" at the end of first row so it won't be twisted join.
2) I have learned to do "split chain" so I can go to the next row without cutting the thread.
3)I have learned to do a "Mock Ring" , and "Mock picot" too .
4) I have learned to do a "Floated Ring".
See how it is important motif!!!!

Happy tatting for you all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My New shuttles( Review about them)

I have bought some new shuttles:

set of Sewmate  Brand shuttles
there are two kinds of Sewmate shuttles, one with tip, and the other one is tip-less.  Mine are tip-less as you see, they are about 7cm tall, 2cm wide, and 1cm height. It is really so lovely colorful  shuttles to use with both  thick and thinner threads. It is comfortable, and not heavy if you don't overload it with thread. It is very good for beginners in my opinion.

Prym Shuttles
This shuttles are 6.5cm tall , almost 2cm wide, and 0.5cm (half cm) height. I love love the body of this shuttle, it is so slim, and I love its movements through the thread. It is tip-less as you see so you must use a crochet hook with it. This shuttle is not suitable for beginners-in my own opinion- because it just work with very very fine thread. It is an amazing when you start working with thin threads.

Aero shuttle,
This shuttle is 8cm from tip to tip tall, 2cm wide, 1.3 cm height. As you see this shuttle has a hook in the end of it, so you don't have to use a crochet hook with it. It is shuttle with bobbin, and comes with an extra bobbin with it. It is lovely , and handy to use, but -in my own opinion -it is not for beginners too because it is not easy to deal with it, and I think it works with thin thread. You can load it with a thicker thread, but its hook is really so small to a degree you cannot use it with thick thread.  

Very cheap shuttles,
Those are copy of Clover shuttle. They are Chinese products, and it is very cheap. They are the first shuttles I owned. I have bought them from ebay for 1.5 dollars!!!!!!. Thanks China so much for their cheap products. I always use cheap tools, yarn, and thread when I start to learn new craft. This one -in my own opinion- is very good for beginners. You don't have  to carry hook with you , it is light to carry, and very easy to load it. Just one bad thing about the Chinese copy its tips are not tight enough, but still thank China for cheap products which give me a chance to start learning my crafts.

New costless ideas for tatting

 First Idea
Here is two box for your tatting thread.
They were  boxes of cake! and I saw them clear, and have a whole from upper part so thought it will be very good to keep my thread clean, and easy to work with specially if I work with two different colors. I have cleaned them, and dried, then used them as you saw in the picture.

second idea,
picot gauge
You may know that picot gauge will cost you about 6 $ or more. I have made my own gauge picot for free. Just piece of cartoon or plastic, and measure 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or more to do your own gauge. Here is a picture for this idea.
Third idea,
I have kept my shuttles using a pen box!!! It is big enough for them, and hard to keep my shuttles safe. Here is the picture
The picture when the box is closed,
Hope you like the ideas.

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