Monday, February 21, 2011

Fingless gloves

I have found a picture of this fingerless gloves of a site, but I don't have its pattern. I have made it from its picture. I also have to depend on my previous experience to make the wide part for the thumb, and also to finish it. This part doesn't exist in the original pattern. I will write its pattern as I did it for anyone who wants to make this fingerless gloves.

Close look at fingerless gloves

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Sun in Egypt

I thought about what I can say or write in this day, and don't know what I can write. It is new day in our life. very new day in every and each thing. It is new even if inside me.

I thought to write about what this regime , and his president did with us, and how spoiled everything here, but discovered that I will re-write the same history of every tyrant existed , so nothing new I will add.

I think I will write about what things changed inside me, what happened inside me in those 18 days, what I discovered, and realized.
I discovered that I didn't know my people well, and I should to know them more. I discovered what one world means as I saw many protesters all over the world stand to say No to this tyrant for us. I found myself waited many comments , supporting , SMS, and e-mailes from all over the world. I loved to see many e-mails form my friends all over the world sending , carrying worry about me, and my country. many of them prayed for us. I always read about fighting tyranny , dictatorship , but those day have taught me what fighting means, and what should to be , and pay to get rid of them.
I have studied law, political systems, and never live these principles as we never have law of state. I have known that, but I never know the limit of this dictatorial system until I saw it face to face. I realized what mean when you put the whole state , and whole people in one hand- horrible thing. There is distance between to know, and to realize, to read, and to see. Many lawful meaning manifested to my mind as if I didn't and never study them. I have discovered what sharing in political life means; it is a duty, and necessity for each one wants his/her country not to get back. The problem with me was I didn't say any political party deserves to share or work with even if the party I respected . Why? because I saw it play inside the game not out of it. I really couldn't play or handle with this system as I saw it play by us not with us as political parties . I realized what civic institutions means, and their roles too.
I realized what first breath means, and what new birth means too.
Actually I realized many many many things more than I can record or write about.

one thing stills inside me,that I feel so sad, and cannot feel a real happy inside me because I know that many many people who did and share us this victory are not here any more. They cannot enjoy what they did because they are dead now. We believe they are martyrs , but I cannot feel happy without them .

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