Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decorate your hands (My desgin)

This is my first tatting design . They called it "Slave bracelet" , but I don't like this name. Maybe I will call it "Henna Bracelet" why??? because it seems like Black Henna Tattoo which some Arabic countries do it in wedding's celebration , and also Indian ladies do it on their lovely hands.  

I have made this bracelet using Egyptian cotton size 20, and two shuttles. I think my tatting stitches are better in this work. what is your opinion ??? see them better or still the same?????
I have tried this bracelet using needle, but don't like it with needle so I have replaced it with the shuttle.

Oh I hear you !!! telling me you still learn , and you design ?!! lololl my answer is there are two things I like about crafts one of them  is to learn them , second is to try designing . I most thing I don't like is to work, and work without anything new.

closer oner

Its last working stage
You also can see the closer I used for it
(Thanks for watching, and hope you like my design)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tatting Bookmark

   I have made this little bookmark using thread size 30, and one shuttle. Nothing new about this tatting piece. I am trying to make my stitches even, and nice because I still don't like my stitches. I don't control thread in a good way yet specially when I am doing a chain. I feel my fingers weak, and didn't give me a good tension yet.

   In tatting we use the middle finger to tight the stitches, but my middle finger is weak, and didn't grab the thread tight yet. I use the index in crochet not middle so I need to train this finger more for tatting.

   I use shuttle better now, control it better specially it is a small shuttle, and light weight. Also there is no problem to flip the stitches now. I completely flip the stitches smoothly , and fast too. Shuttle doesn't fall in my hand any more lolololll .


Sunday, October 5, 2014

My tatting earring

My tatting earring:
I modified this pattern to make it oval shape, and added those little bugles to make this earring.

I have used a thread size 20, and one shuttle.

Friday, October 3, 2014

My tatting necklace

My Necklace

close look at it
unfinished earring for it

I have used thread size 40, and a shuttle, but if you want to use a tatting needle ,you can use size size (7).

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