Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year

Happy New Year for you all, and for the whole world. I like The birthday of Isaa the Christ , and love to consider it a new beginning. This Eve gives me feeling of happiness, and freshness that is why I love it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two colors stitch

I am studying these days, and have no time to crochet or knit, but I am stealing some time to make just a stitch, and read its chart. I consider this a small project, and pleasure with my hobby.
When I make a new stitch I like to make some pictures during making it to share this with anyone who loves stitches too.

Workshop for the stitch

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waffel cable stitch

I love crocheted and knitting stitches so much, and like to try doing some of them from time to time. This waffel stitch is really wonderful and lovely to do. I have tried to follow its chart, and found it really easy to follow and do. I have made step by step pictures to share others doing it, but after I made it I found this amazing video for this sweet stitch. Actually it is series of videos about 8 videos. It is not difficult stitch, but the Mr who did these videos is really very kind, and explained the stitch clearly. Thanks for him.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workshop of motif 31 from Priscilla book n.2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Workshop of my Irish vest

Some friends asked me about the stages of making this vest. I didn't put these pictures because I don't like them, they are bad pictures, and don't show the details. I am posting them now because I think maybe they show some stages or give some hints about the stages.

I will explain the stages according to these pictures,
First I have done my own pattern -according my size, and as you see it is flat pattern-has no darts in it; It is the easiest pattern we can make. I have also copied the pattern on a cloth.

Second, I have made the whole motifs of the back and both sides of the vest. then I have sewn the motifs on the cloth, and sewn the group of them together . Also I have located the separated motifs in their own place -according pattern structures.
Of course we sew the motifs their faces downward -as shown in pictures. I also have changed this cord to make it an Irish cord. The original one was simple- just chains with three rows of single crochet. I have made the original one first to get its cauge , then replaced it with mine.

third, the hardiest part-background, I have started to make it from bottom , and made some slip stitches on motif to join them with background. Also please note that the wrong side of background is facing you. It was really hard for me to do this vest because it was my first attempt. I think I should practise with smaller piece of crochet. I still think there are some skills be needed to practise in control with background and motifs. I really still need this.

Anyway, I re-organized these pictures , and put them in my blog to share my small experience with anyone who wants to know how was my adventure.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Irish vest

My Irish vest is a charted pattern from Japanese book called " Crochet lace". It was my first attempt making an Irish garment. I have made many Irish motif from Priscilla book number 1, and 2. I also have made many Irish backgrounds. The point was to use both motifs with backgrounds. I have made an Irish doily, but it was just motifs connected with each other there is no background in it. I can say that working motifs with background is more difficult, and more thrilled too.
This pattern exhausted me because I didn't try doing motif with background before it. I think it was overhasty step, and I should to try with something simpler. despite all these difficulties, I also can say that I have learned many things doing this pattern, but I have learned it in a hard way. LOL

This pattern is flat pattern-it is a pattern with no darts in it; it is the most common pattern in knit and crochet garments. The most beautiful thing about an Irish garment is ,you can use the 2d pattern-it is pattern with breast dart, waist dart, side dart, and also back dart. Of course you can use some of these darts or all of them to make a very fit garment. It is pattern we use it in a sewing clothes. I saw many 2d patterns in some magazines which care about an Irish garments, and I love them so much; it is really special garments. Hope I can make one of these garments one day, but I think I really need a lot of practice doing motifs with different backgrounds before I start making this complicated pattern.

I also like the modern magazines which care about an Irish crochet, and see them revive this art to our life. I think it is better to use it in a modern way than to buried it in our memories, and just say " oh it WAS a wonderful art".

Two look

Close look at my Irish vest

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chrochet beaded set

This pattern was plain one. It was small necklace -just around the neck. I have changed its design and made it taller and added the closed center Irish rose ,the two leaves, and also made this pair of earrings to fit it.
I have made it use the thread size 10 and the steel hook size 7. Its thread is off white, and I have used the same color for the bead.

My necklace

Close look

Close look at my necklace and earring.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some interesting Irish crochet videos

I want to really thank all these wonderful skillful ladies for their lovely efforts. Thanks so much.

Different methods to fix motifs

Here She sews the motifs on the cloth to make the background.

Here the lady just pins her motif to the cloth

Different backgrounds

Irish video ( How to prepare)

Here how to prepare for fixing your motifs on padding using pins , and cloth to draw your pattern or just fix your motifs on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The slipper

slipper workshop

This is very easy slipper to do. All you need is to make 6 grannies you want or prefer. and then sew them in that way I show. The final thing you can do is to make an edge for it by doing single crochet around it. I have made it using hook size 3.5mm and 2 skeins each one is 50 gram.
I have sewn it using crochet hook, and make a pompom for it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Bag

The linen of my bag

These pictures show How I made the linen of my bag. I have use the shape of the bag itself as a pattern to make the linen, then sew it and made a pocket for the linen. Then with hidden stitch I have fixed the linen to the bag. A good tip to make linen is to make it bigger a bit than your bag, so it will be comfortable linen inside the bag.
I have used a satin fabric to make my linen. Usually I like to use silk fabric; it is lighter and softer, but I use satin when I want to make my bag firmer. I also use a plastic zipper for its pocket.

My bag workshop

I have started to make this bag months ago. First I love its motif, and wanted to make it a scarf, then I saw it very chunky to be a scarf. I have decided to make it a bag, so I started to make motifs. I didn't want it in a square or rectangular shape, so I arranged the square motifs in lozenge shape-it is know arrangement. I also decided to make outer join, so that the flowers will be in a hallow. this way of joining supported the lozenge shape too. Then the handle of the bag, I have tried many shapes , but didn't like them. I saw them unsuitable for the shape I have made. I thought to just buy a handle and over this bag, but returned to tell to myself" No , I want to make it with crochet , and I want it firm and suitable for the shape I made". Finally I have made this shape for the handle and make four layers of it to make firm like leather. LoL finally it works-of course in my own opinion.

I have made this bag using Mohair for the roses to give them a felting appearance , and Acrylic for the rest of the body.
It cost me a bout 2 skeins of Mohair each one 50 gram and 6 skeins of Acrylic. I have made The bag using a crochet hook size 3mm. I also have made 24 squares to complete this bag.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lily's slipper

This is my slipper with yarn and big crochet hook. may I complain?! LOL when I caught a big crochet hook to make my slipper , I felt that I carry a very heavy rod, and the yarn looked like a very thick rope too. I am afraid that I am getting used and familiar with fine thread and little little steel crochet hook.

Close look at embroidery touch

This is a close look at my slipper specially its embroidery stitch. It is kind of mixed interlaced embroidery stitch with two colors. I see the embroidery touch on knitted or crocheted piece is really great touch because it gives us a good chance to use our other skills or another kind of art. Also it is easier to make embroidery with yarn more than silk thread, and also decorate a very plain fabric with wonderful delicate touch.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book.N.2

This is the unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book N. 2. the whole unit is a collar made up of some grapes, leaves, and vines. I have made this unit using a thread size 50 , padding cord size 10, and steel crochet hook size 11.

I have decided to pay more attention to my Irish motifs; I am really learning doing them, but also decide to use them as possible. The Irish motif cost a lot of time doing them, so I want to use them as decorative parts on my other garments, like motif 31 which I have used it as decorative on my thread sweater .
When I started to do , and learn Irish crochet, I have use thread size 20 , and padding cord size 10, and these sizes gave me huge motifs. When I thought to use them as decorative parts, I have reduced the size of the thread, so I am using now size 50, and 10 as padding cord.

This motif also is so special because I did it with my friend Barb. Actually we started to do our Irish motifs many times ago, and we did, but this one we did it , step by step with each other. We crochet online together ; It was time full of fun, chatting, and discussion too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Irish necklace

This necklace is my first Irish necklace. I have made it using thread size 10 and steel crochet hook size 7. I have started to do it since three weeks, and stopped , then returned to complete it again. It cost me about 4 hours to finish and about 20 gram of the thread. oh I want to add , it is really better than its pictures.

Close look at my Irish necklace

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first thread sweater

This is my first thread sweater. I have made it from a Russian Magazine called "MOA ""N.497-2007".
I love this magazine so much, I love its design, and its colors. This magazine has a lot of an Irish blouses which I wish to do some of them once.

This sweater has cost me a lot of time to do it- about 40 hours to finish. I also have used about 8 skeins ; each skein is 50 gram, and I also have made it use a steel hook size 1 and cotton thread size 10.

oh by the way, I have sewn this trousers , and this skirt too.

close look at flower

This flower is an Irish flower motif 31 from Priscilla Book N. 2. I have made it using thread size 50 , padding cord size 10 , and crochet hook size 12.

close look at its sleeve

Close look at button holes and buttons

Close look at its motif

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New picture for Mody ( my nephew )

I love this photo so much for Mody. look at him , very deep thinking or maybe gazing as if he practises meditation; many times I saw this looking on his face specially when he got up. Who knows what our minds gain in this stage of our age!. He is three and half years old.
lollolll Mody prevents his father to get photo for him by closing his eyes, so the camera will never sees him.
Mody is celebrating his third year.

New Photo for Jana ( My niece

Jana is wearing her new dress , and she is now 3 years old. She has chosen this dress by herself, no one can choose for her.

Jana between her toys, but for some reasons does not seam happy.
Jana one year and half.
Jan one years old. I love her so much , so sweet and very cute; you should listen to her talking now.
She has her favorite actor, and love him so much. lolollllllllllllllllll

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