Thursday, December 26, 2013

Puffy purse with linen

I have made this coin purse using leftover Dk yarn, and 3.5mm hook. I have added linen to it . I like to finish things good from inside too.
Here are some more pictures for it.
Close look at inside

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tunisian Hat in round

I have made this hat in Tunisian crochet using hook size 5mm, and Dk weight yarn. This is my first one with round. The technique called magic loop. It is my own pattern, and I have shaped the crown as I shaped the crown of knitted hat. I have made the edge using crochet front and back post stitches.
close look at shape part
 close look at the top of hat
more pictures as workshop
close look at the join part

Here is the link to a video of how to make a magic loop

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Starting Hairpin

The  Hairpin circular motif

Stages of making this motif:
After making the hairpin basic ribbon, I have made a little crochet motif. Then I have joined the first part of ribbon with the crochet motif, and finally I have made a single crochet around the other part of of hairpin ribbon.
I have just learned some basic hairpin stitches, and will try with more stitches.
Here are the pictures of the stages.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Miro is wearing the set

Miro -my niece- is wearing the set, but actually she is better than this poor picture so you will get more picture for her.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The set (My pattern)

I have made this set for my niece Miro. she is two years old. This is my pattern; I have tried to make it seamless as possible as I can. So it is seamless circular skirt, side to side jacket, circular sleeves, and circular hat. You will get another picture when Miro wear it. Hope she likes it.

Parts of set

The skirt
I have made this skirt in circular shape so there is no seam in it. I have decreased for the waist band , and made an I-cord  for it. this skirt also top-down so I have increased to make this bell shape.

Close look at the stitch of the skirt.
the jacket,
This jacket is side to side pattern so there is no side seams. I have also made the sleeve in circular so there is no seam in sleeves too. I have used the same method of circular knitting to increase for the sleeve in this pattern.
close look at the sleeve
The hat,
the hat is in circular shape too with four pompons, and little flowers.

close look at the top of the hat.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Little boot for little Miss

This little boot for my niece;She is 9 months . I have made this one  using soft sport yarn, and 5mm hook.
It is nice to return to crochet even if with this big hook, and big yarn.

Friday, August 30, 2013


I have drawn this sketch. Like to draw faces , but never learn how to draw. Just see some faces in my mind, and then like to extract them by using the pencil.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bracelet for my sister

It is I who wear this bracelet now, but it is for my sister.
I have used the square stitch to make it, and used two colors.

The clasp of the bracelet
flat picture

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lace Doily

This is a famous lace work in Egypt. It is something similar to Romanian lace point, and also similar to the needle point work yet different from both of them.

 stages of making this kind of doily
outline stage 
In this stage I outline the pattern after I put it on some layers of fabric, and tack it using a sewing needle.

Joining the parts, and make the bars,
after the outline stage I joined the touched parts using an invisible stitch, then start to make the little bars using and embroidery thread, and sewing needle.
 Making Lace  stitches,
This doily has just four different lace stitches. Here a close look at them, and also the center

The final stage is removing the sewing thread, and the fabric,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Irish doily

I didn't have any intention to make a doily. I wanted to discover how to make a background for my next Irish blouse so I collected some of my old Irish motifs, arranged them, and make this background .
You can see  that I didn't  make anything special in this arrangement because I just want to learn. After I  made this background I have made this Irish edge.
I have learned , and discovered many things about background specially about its direction ,  how I can work backward, and hold the hook horizontally . For me it is better to tack the motifs using sewing back stitch than pin them down. 

Close look at some parts, and edge

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silk Ribbon embroidery (Pillow case)

Pillow case .
This time I have made this embroidery as a pillow case. I didn't sew it yet, but you will get a picture of it when I finish it as a pillow case. ( it is about 50*48 cm)

Close look at stitches.
I have made the leaves using a straight stitch instead of ribbon stitch. Also I have made those little flowers using a french knot, and also the feather stitch to make their stem
The roses,
Roses here are  three rounds; the first one is folded center, the second is loop stitch, and third is ribbon stitch. one of them is not folded center, but french knots center which is white with yellow-green center.
The bud ,
I have used two colors to make this closed bud, and also ribbon stitch to make the leaves of the bud. Also use the stem embroidery stitch to make the stem of the bud.

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