Sunday, November 20, 2011

The final view of bracelet

The final picture of the bracelet.

Beaded crochet rope

I have made this bracelet too using cotton thread size 20, and beads size 6. But this bracelet is actually two rows. I have taught myself to read the beaded rope crochet chart both overview ,and detailed patterns. It is really easy to make yourself this kind of jewellery when you know how to work with bead in spiral way, and how to read the chart. I am working on experience bracelet now . I have made this one for my sister too.

beaded rope crochet

This beaded crochet rope is just one row . I have made it using thread size 20, and beads size 6. I have made it for my sister who likes those color.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beaded crochet rope

Oh still in pink LOL. This is a beaded crochet rope. I have made it for my sister. Actually I have made some crochet ropes bracelets for her-of course you will see them all. LOL. I have made one before with two colors, I have made this one with one color ,with seed bead size 11, and crochet hook size 10 . This rope is repeating for 8 beads. in contrary with what I thought It was difficult to work with one color at the first. Now it is ok for me to work with one color as I knew my way with beaded rope crochet. My next beaded crochet ropes are intermediate , and experience one.

Daisy stitch bracelet (for my sister)

I have done this bracelet using a daisy beaded stitch. I am learning bead stitches , and I am still beginner. I love a jewellery made of beads. until now I like two beaded stitches -net stitch, and daisy stitch. I see peyote stitch a difficult one, but maybe I will like it if I learn more about it. I have made this bracelet for my sister. I have made some for her , but she likes this more. It is so delicate bracelet , and as she has a small hand, so she likes it more.

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