Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daisy stitch bracelet (for my sister)

I have done this bracelet using a daisy beaded stitch. I am learning bead stitches , and I am still beginner. I love a jewellery made of beads. until now I like two beaded stitches -net stitch, and daisy stitch. I see peyote stitch a difficult one, but maybe I will like it if I learn more about it. I have made this bracelet for my sister. I have made some for her , but she likes this more. It is so delicate bracelet , and as she has a small hand, so she likes it more.

3 Yorum var:

Knitting-twitter said...

also this bracelet is very very nice,
you are a very talented lady,
ciao Christa

areiasdejade said...

Lindo demais, seu talento é inigualavel!

Lily said...

Thanks so much Christa, thanks so much Nely for your lovely kind words.

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