Friday, October 21, 2011

Joy with beads

This is my cuff bracelet. It is not my first time with beads; I have done some pieces before. I am just so beginner beader. I just know the name of bead stitches . I even don't know how to make all basic yet. BUT I saw Barb' bracelet ;I fall in love with it , so I wanted to try it. This pattern has been written for intermediate to advanced beader, and I am just beginner. I DID IT.

Barb has an amazing way to explain, and has an amazing way to draw. She made me an Intermediate beader in one step. LOL. I really love her wonderful method of explanation , I imagine her explain , and draw before my eye , so this is the reason why I could do this intermediate bracelet.
My bracelet is wider than her; actually her bracelet is perfect in its even stitch, and its so so sweet colors . I will give this pattern another try with smaller beads to make it elegant like her bracelet.
You can see her bracelet here Barb'Blog

You can also know more about
Her Pattern here

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Knitting-twitter said...

well, for a beginner you create master pieses, very nice,
all the best, Christa

Lily said...

Thanks so much dear Christa. It was wonderful time working on this pattern for Barb. She is very talented beader. Thanks again dear

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