Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian Crochet! Every time I looked at Tunisian Crochet, I left it without any attention. Some times I told myself what this kind of crochet could be different from normal crochet?! There is a mistake has happened changed this point of view. I have asked my brother to bring me a specific size of crochet hook, and he didn't know the difference between Crochet hook, and Tunisian hook, so he has bought a Tunisian crochet instead of crochet hook. I looked at this Tunisian hook and laughed . I told myself I will try this kind of crochet; I already have its hook LOL.

When I started to know about Tunisian Crochet ;I really fall in love with it. It is really amazing handcraft, and its stitches are really wonderful. There is something else about Tunisian Crochet-it has its own personality. It is not completely crochet, and also not knit. It is Tunisian LOL I think I will do many Tunisian crochet work. I love it!!!!

2 Yorum var:

areiasdejade said...

Very Good; beautiful!

Lily said...

Thanks Nely for your sweet compliment.

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