Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Motif

I love this pretty motif, and give it a try. Here is the result. this was the wrong which will be the right side of this motif. I don't plan to do any thing with this motif; just wanted to do it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My top-down sweater

This is some pictures for my top-down sweater. It is raglan shape , and seamless. I have used the Egyptian cotton thread size 20, and crochet hook size 8 to made it.

Close look

This close look picture shows the picot stitch around the sweater, and also the the stitches of this sweater.


This is my top-down sweater's work shop. It is raglan shape, and seamless with just few weave in end threads. I have made a top-down blouse with circular yoke for my sister, and I have made this one for me.
I have used thread size 20, and steel crochet hook size 8. I have modified the pattern to suit my size.
This pattern is Japanese chart from book called "Top down crochet".

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