Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tatting Butterfly

This is my tatting butterfly. I have made it using thread size 40, and one shuttle out of ball. It is not big deal butterfly-in my opinion. Just motifs join with the center of the butterfly which is simpler than the motifs. I think a beginner can do this pattern. It is a charted pattern.

Here its picture

An idea of sewing it on a fabric, or use it as an applique.
We can add sequins, and beads to sewing it , and in the same time will add a beautiful touch in it.

Happy tatting for you all.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Tatting Collar

Here is my tatting collar. I have made this one using Egyptian cotton size 40, and two shuttles in some stages, and one shuttle in another stages. This is a charted pattern.
I want to say something about this collar, "I LOVE IT". Usually I don't admire what I am doing , just like it, and try to learn something new, but this one I really really enjoyed doing it, love it during making it, love it after I finished it, still in love with it lolol.
Here is its pictures, and stages of making it.

Close look at its edge

Flat picture for it
Now its stages
First stage ,
I have made this stage using two shuttles. In this stage I have defined the suitable length of the collar by doing enough- for me- units.
Second stage
It is the inner edge, and it is been done in two parts.
Part 1( I have made it using one shuttle out of ball)
 Part 2 of inner edge ( use also one shuttle doing it)
Third stage ( outer edge) It is one part, and I have made it using two shuttles.

Close look at the outer edge
Hope you love it too.
Happy tatting

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