Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Bag

The linen of my bag

These pictures show How I made the linen of my bag. I have use the shape of the bag itself as a pattern to make the linen, then sew it and made a pocket for the linen. Then with hidden stitch I have fixed the linen to the bag. A good tip to make linen is to make it bigger a bit than your bag, so it will be comfortable linen inside the bag.
I have used a satin fabric to make my linen. Usually I like to use silk fabric; it is lighter and softer, but I use satin when I want to make my bag firmer. I also use a plastic zipper for its pocket.

My bag workshop

I have started to make this bag months ago. First I love its motif, and wanted to make it a scarf, then I saw it very chunky to be a scarf. I have decided to make it a bag, so I started to make motifs. I didn't want it in a square or rectangular shape, so I arranged the square motifs in lozenge shape-it is know arrangement. I also decided to make outer join, so that the flowers will be in a hallow. this way of joining supported the lozenge shape too. Then the handle of the bag, I have tried many shapes , but didn't like them. I saw them unsuitable for the shape I have made. I thought to just buy a handle and over this bag, but returned to tell to myself" No , I want to make it with crochet , and I want it firm and suitable for the shape I made". Finally I have made this shape for the handle and make four layers of it to make firm like leather. LoL finally it works-of course in my own opinion.

I have made this bag using Mohair for the roses to give them a felting appearance , and Acrylic for the rest of the body.
It cost me a bout 2 skeins of Mohair each one 50 gram and 6 skeins of Acrylic. I have made The bag using a crochet hook size 3mm. I also have made 24 squares to complete this bag.

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