Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My swans doily

Here is the pattern of the swan doily

My treasure box

Monday, May 10, 2010

Motif 80 from Priscilla book 1

This is motif 80 from Priscilla book number one. This motif makes up of motif 20 , motif 60 { edge} , and two rows of chain loops.

Medium flower in motif 56 in Priscilla book

Monday, May 3, 2010

My ribbon doily

motif 41 from Priscilla book 1

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Join crochet with fabric

These pictrues will show you some methods to join crochet with fabric. We need to join crochet with fabric to make many things for example edges, tableclothes, bedspread , curtains, and dishclothes ....etc.
There are two methods to do that

1) Using crochet Hook.

2) Using sewing needle.

I will aslo show you some decorative stitches to join thread with fabric, and will end with my method.

Method 1

Before doing any crochet , you should to treat the edge of the fabric using the sewing machine or hand sewing. also notice to use the sewing stitches as marker for your stitches , so you will get even spaces between your stitches.
In this method try to use small crochet hook , the smaller the better.
Using small crochet hook will make it easy to get through the fabric , and also try to stick the hook to the large part ; this will give you more space to your thread and your hook .

Method 2

In this method also we should to treat the edge of the fabric as the pervious method, but we use sewing needle , crochet thread, and embroidery blancket stitch to join our thread to the fabirc.

decorative stitch (2)

decorative stitch (1)

Here, some stitches in the same place, and some chains in between.
notice again that you can use the sewing stitches as marker for your even spaces.

My method

I didn't read about this method before in any book or magazine. It was poped up to my mind; I have thought of it because I don't like the part which crochet joins with fabirc. I wanted better finishing touch. In addition I wanted more even foundation to build upon, and I think there is nothing better than chain crochet to give us an even spaces.

The corner

Here is the corner according my method. notice that I have added some stitches in the same place to the corner.

The edge

Here I add some crochet to my edge.

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