Thursday, May 23, 2013

All motifs with each other

I have made those motifs for my Irish crochet jacket. I didn't plan yet how I will do, or arrange those motifs . I have some models , and I didn't decide which one it will be. I think I will make a picot or clone knot background, but not sure yet.

Any way I have made those motif using Egyptian cotton size 70, and size 20 for the padding cord. I am also using the steel crochet size 10.

Motifs for my Irish jacket.

Motif N 1 (This is bullion stitch center with padding petals lace, and solid )

Motif N (2) This is lace center padding petals .
Motif N (3) This is flower center with non-padding petals, and padding surrounding the whole petals 
Motif N (4) ( This lace center , and bullion stitch around the center, then non-padding petals

Motif N (5) This is padding leaves, with padding stem
Motif N (6) This is non-padding leaves with Roman I-cord
Motif N (7) This is combination of motifs little popcorn flowers, and lace little leaves

Monday, May 20, 2013

Macrame Bracelets

I have made myself some of macrame bracelets. I think I won't learn macrame lollll just like to made myself some of that bracelets. That is all.

Second one,

Third one,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Brooch

I have made a rose using folded, and gathering techniques to do it, and using my idea of making 3D center stem to make that two leaves. I have used them to me that brooch. What is your opinion?????????

My idea , and leaves

I have made variety of leaves using some techniques.  the first one from the top is my idea to make the 3D center of the leaf, and I have applied the same idea to make multi-center stem for the vine leaf as you see in the second picture from the top. That small thin lines is not my idea it is known one; I have made it using the kindle flame.

The third one which in the bottom I have just added some embroidery stitch-stem one-to the leaf to make the thin lines using another color.
The forth one is my idea too to make a leaf which lean to the bottom.
All those techniques to add a 3D effect on the leaves, or it is the beginning to do that.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Rose ,and a flower

I love RED so much, and love Rose so much so here is Red ROSES lol with my silk Ribbon embroidery
The flower in RED

I didn't decide yet what I will do with those roses, and flower. I just wanted to improve my work with silk Ribbon.


Wrapped folded rose as brooch

another kind of flower as brooch for the same suit
Satin Rose as brooch for my latest suit
I wanted to know how I make those two flowers, and finally I knew.

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