Thursday, May 23, 2013

Motifs for my Irish jacket.

Motif N 1 (This is bullion stitch center with padding petals lace, and solid )

Motif N (2) This is lace center padding petals .
Motif N (3) This is flower center with non-padding petals, and padding surrounding the whole petals 
Motif N (4) ( This lace center , and bullion stitch around the center, then non-padding petals

Motif N (5) This is padding leaves, with padding stem
Motif N (6) This is non-padding leaves with Roman I-cord
Motif N (7) This is combination of motifs little popcorn flowers, and lace little leaves

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Jojesek said...

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with Irish Crochet. Your work is beautiful and I have a question about the patterns. I have been having trouble finding patterns for traditional Irish Crochet and wonder where you are finding yours. I'm finding that I'm having tremendous difficulties following the patterns I have found in the Antique Patterns Library. Do you have any advice for me?

Lily said...

Hello Jojesek, Irish crochet is really beautiful, and you have right to love it. About my patterns, I have found them in "MOA" magazine ; it is a Russian charted magazine. So if you are familiar with crocheting a charted patterns , you will love it.
I have some notes -if you please- the trouble you found following the traditional books of Irish crochet may be returns to some things
first , those books are written in British abbreviations , so when it said (dc) it means (sc).....etc. so you should know the differences between both British and American abbreviations.

second , maybe it is the padding cord, and how you handle , and carrying it because padding cord is the most thing remarkable for Irish Crochet, and working in back loop when you use it.
So if you want my advice , be so kind to yourself, and start with motifs which has no padding cord until you are familiar with British abbreviations, then work a small motif with padding cord.
Priscilla books for Irish crochet specially number one is really good specially if you know it is written using the UK abbreviations.
please feel free to ask anything you need or want. thanks also for your visiting.

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