Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lily's slipper

This is my slipper with yarn and big crochet hook. may I complain?! LOL when I caught a big crochet hook to make my slipper , I felt that I carry a very heavy rod, and the yarn looked like a very thick rope too. I am afraid that I am getting used and familiar with fine thread and little little steel crochet hook.

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Knitting-twitter said...

it looks perfect, as usual..
greetings Christa

Lily said...

Thanks so much dear friend Christa

pajtr said...

Hi, Lily!
This is beautiful!
(I'm following your blog, now!... Such lovely work!!)
Pat T.

Lily said...

Hello Pajtr,
welcome at my blog, and really thanks you so so much for your sweet compliments.

chocoocto said...

Switching between big gauge and little gauge can be quite fun. It confuses your brain a little :D And that is a beautiful slipper.

(btw I arrived at your blog from the IC Yahoo group)

Lily said...

Hello Ran,
Thanks so much for your lovely compliment.LOL switching makes fun , but also make things seem more difficult. I really felt I use a heavy rod not hook, a rope not yarn. Thanks again.

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