Saturday, September 25, 2010

The unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book.N.2

This is the unit of motif 79 from Priscilla book N. 2. the whole unit is a collar made up of some grapes, leaves, and vines. I have made this unit using a thread size 50 , padding cord size 10, and steel crochet hook size 11.

I have decided to pay more attention to my Irish motifs; I am really learning doing them, but also decide to use them as possible. The Irish motif cost a lot of time doing them, so I want to use them as decorative parts on my other garments, like motif 31 which I have used it as decorative on my thread sweater .
When I started to do , and learn Irish crochet, I have use thread size 20 , and padding cord size 10, and these sizes gave me huge motifs. When I thought to use them as decorative parts, I have reduced the size of the thread, so I am using now size 50, and 10 as padding cord.

This motif also is so special because I did it with my friend Barb. Actually we started to do our Irish motifs many times ago, and we did, but this one we did it , step by step with each other. We crochet online together ; It was time full of fun, chatting, and discussion too.

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Knitting-twitter said... looks beautiful Lily..
all the best from Switzerland

Lily said...

Thanks so much Christa.

Barb said...

I love it Lily. The yellow grapes really look good with the green leaf. Your leaf is beautiful too! Your stitches are so even. :)


Lily said...

Thanks so much Barb for your sweet compliment

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