Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New costless ideas for tatting

 First Idea
Here is two box for your tatting thread.
They were  boxes of cake! and I saw them clear, and have a whole from upper part so thought it will be very good to keep my thread clean, and easy to work with specially if I work with two different colors. I have cleaned them, and dried, then used them as you saw in the picture.

second idea,
picot gauge
You may know that picot gauge will cost you about 6 $ or more. I have made my own gauge picot for free. Just piece of cartoon or plastic, and measure 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or more to do your own gauge. Here is a picture for this idea.
Third idea,
I have kept my shuttles using a pen box!!! It is big enough for them, and hard to keep my shuttles safe. Here is the picture
The picture when the box is closed,
Hope you like the ideas.

2 Yorum var:

Barbara Gordon said...

I like the aero shuttles and also the cheap ones you have also. I to use the tread holders and find them a very good thing to have. For a beginner, you are doing very good work already..!
Congratulations and welcome to the world of tatting.

Lily said...

Hello Barbara,
Many many thanks for your so sweet comment, compliment, encouraging, and warm welcome to world of tatting.
Thanks again dear.

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