Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bullion Stitch doily

I have made this doily using a steel crochet hook size 0.85 mm, and cotton crochet thread size 20. It is almost 65 g . This doily has my favorite two stitches which are Bullion stitch , and picot stitch. Its 15 wrapped bullion stitch, and two types of picot stitch.

I didn't want  to make any other doily; I already made lot of them, but this doily smile at me ☺☺☺☺so I couldn't resist doing it.

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Knitting-twitter said...

I wish, I would have your patience Lily,
so unbelievable beautiful.
Have a wonderful day,
ciao ciao Christa

Lily said...

Hello dear Christa, many many thanks for your so sweet compliments; you always give my work so highly appreciation .

Wendy said...

wow, it's lovely! There is something so relaxing about doily-making

Lily said...

Many thanks dear for your sweet compliment. Doing crochet, and knitting is really relaxing hobby. Thanks again

Aileen said...

Hello Christa,

I know this post is old but on the off-chance you might remember; could you tell me where to find the pattern for this exquisite doily?
I am totally in love with it.

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