Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tatting Necklace ( with pattern)

This is my tatting necklace with little black pearl beads in joining picots. It is very easy pattern to do with tatting.

I am starting love using shuttle, and have learned two methods of holding it.

 close look at beads 

The pattern of this necklace:
*R : 3ds, ( P, 3ds) 3 times  CL , RW.
CH :10ds,  P, 10dc , RW.
R: 3ds, P, 3ds to middle picot of last ring, 3ds, P, 3ds. CL*
Repeat those three steps

Note ,
1)I have put the bead in joining between two rings.
2)I have used cotton thread size 20, and shuttle as you see in the picture.
Happy tatting :-)

4 Yorum var:

Debbie S. said...

Your tatted necklace is stunning. I love the design, and color. Thanks for sharing.

Lily said...

Thanks so much for your compliments Debbie, I am glad you like it, and you are welcome dear about its pattern.

Gartendrossel said...

Your necklace is so pretty, dear Lily,
I love the pearls

greetings from Germany

Lily said...

Thanks so much Traudi. That is so kind from you.

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