Sunday, September 14, 2014

Large tatting motif (shuttle)

In this motif, I have learned to use shuttle smoothly . I also have learned the continuous method, and the magic trick of hiding the end of thread. Also I have learned to read the written pattern .Still want to learn graphic pattern which I prefer more, and also need to work on the picots ,and distances so motif will be more accurate.
One funny situation happened when I am working with this green shuttle, my 5years old niece asked me " what this is green thing?" I told her it is a needle. She answered No it is a green leaf. I told her we don't use the leaf to work with thread Dodo. She answered me Oh yes that is why this green leaf is a magic leaf. LOLLOOOLLL

By the way this is a free motif  called "Abigail"
Here is the link for it

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