Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My First first first tatting motif

Needle motif

This is my First tatting motif using tatting needle. Using tatting needle is easy, and makes tatting interesting.
I use book to start learning tatting, and I think it is lovely lace art.

Shuttle motif
This is my first tatting "motif" using shuttle. Shuttle is so so difficult for me to use.lol. My fingers hurt me so much from my practicing using shuttle. I Finally have learned using it. It is true that I still have difficult to deal with it, but I really want to use a shuttle in a perfect way.
Of course I saw some videos on Youtube, and there are some wonderful ladies who learn how to deal with shuttle, but only practice will teach me the tricks of hold it, and use it in an easy way.
Any way wanted to share that little experience with you.

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