Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make a Single Crochet

To begin a project with a row of single crochet, create a foundation chain equal to the number of single crochet stitches you require, plus 1. Work your first single crochet into the second chain from your hook. Continue to the end of the chain. Turn.

Single Crochet steps:

1)- Insert your hook into the next stitch, then yarn over by wrapping the yarn around the hook from back to front.
2)- Draw the yarn through the stitch. There are now 2 loops on the hook
3)- Yarn over and draw the yarn through both loops on the hook. There is now 1 loop on the hook.
4)- One single crochet created.
5)- Repeat steps 1–4 until you have completed your first row of single crochet. Chain 1 to
create a turning chain .
6)- Turn the piece. Insert your hook through both loops at the top of the first stitch from
the previous row. Follow steps 1–4.

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