Friday, January 2, 2015

My tatting doily

I have made this doily using a cotton thread size 20, and one shuttle. I like to use the method shuttle out of ball than two shuttles. I don't use two shuttles until I use both of them. This thread is an Egyptian cotton with silk finishing . It is very nice to work with , but it is slippery , and need to work in tight way to get better result.This doily is about 40 cm across.

Nothing new about this doily just ds(s), and picots. and after you make the center you just start to make the edge, and join with the center. It is a charted pattern. I love charted pattern more than written one. I have made this doily just to practise the normal (ds) and picots.

It gets some times to end it. Just one bad memory about this doily; I have made some mistakes in edge , and had to cut them out. I don't like to wrap tatting out. It is so boring, slow, and spoil the thread too specially when you work with shuttle so when I discovered the mistake, I cut that part out, and start from beginning ( with nervous of course ) lol. finally it is finished.

Here another picture for it during working it:

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