Wednesday, July 6, 2011

playing with bullion stitch

Bullion stitch seems very hard one with very good looking. I love this stitch so I have spent some time with it actually lot of time. Why? because I want to discover it not just to do it. I saw some people use a small tool to do this stitch ; this is a good idea to start doing it, but it is not good when you want to do Bullion Stitch with an Irish Crochet because you use a very tiny thread, and very thin crochet hook. So I cannot use these kind of tool to make an Irish motif with a lot of Bullion stitch. In another side the appearance of stitch using these tool is different form the Bullion stitch's appearance. The original Bullion stitch has a cone appearance ,but with the tool it has a tubular shape.
So it was my turn lol to know how I can make this stitch. After a lot of practicing and trying to know how this stitch can be made I discovered some rules -simple rules but really worked with me.
I will share you these rules,
First, practise it as you can , and also really love it when you practise it.
second , when you wrap the thread or yarn wrap it gently so it will be loose a bit. just a bit
Third, squeeze the wrapped yarn or thread when you trying to complete the stitch so the wrapped will seem as they are a tube ; imagine this in your mind.
Forth, you can change the direction of the tip of hook to be upper when you complete the stitch, but with practicing you won't need this too. Hope these tips are useful. Maybe I will make a little video when I have time.

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