Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The bag and the original motif

This is the picture of my bag when I finish it. You can see the whole motif on the bag, but I am not sure if you will make it this way because I love the whole motif in Priscilla book more than this one.
So maybe I will use the figure number 49 In Priscilla not this arrangement.

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Knitting-twitter said...

how unbelievablebeautiful , you created a real MustHave bag..
all the best Christa

Elizangela said...

Olá Lily, que bom que você esta de volta e com lindos trabalhos.
Linda bolsa.

Hello Lily, I'm glad you're back and beautiful work.
Beautiful purse.

Barb said...

Oh Lily, your bag is so beautiful. I love the white motifs on the dark color it really makes them show up so well. I love, love, love the design. You did sooo much work. It's just lovely. I just read the directions for making the berries. Wow, they sound complicated. You did a great job on this beautiful piece!! Barb

Lily said...

Thanks so much dear Christa for all your kind,and sweet compliments

Lily said...

Oh dear Elizangela you are so sweet, writing to me using two languages is really so much, but thanks so much for your sweet compliments, and thanks for asking about me too

Lily said...

What a wonderful sweet compliment from you dear Barb; thanks so much for all your sweet compliments. I am sure you can do that motif ; it is not complicated for you.

Lily Razz said...

Hi Lily, found your blog because of your name :) I must say you have some lovely creations over here! And that bag is so pretty! Hugs, Lily Razz

Lily said...

Hi Lily too,Thanks so much for your sweet compliment, and for your lovely visiting. Your blog also is really very great.

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