Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flower stitch

Work given stitches, skip 1st, tr/dc, 1ch, htr/hdc in same stitch. This is the base of flower
Insert hook into space of base, and work dc/sc , 3ch 2 times
Work 3dtr/tr, dc/sc in base' space and 3ch
Work 3dtr/tr, dc/sc in base's space and 3ch one more
Insert hook into stitch from back to front, and make dc/sc
in the same stitch Work 3ch, 3dtr/tr in the same stitch , 3ch
Insert hook around base's tr/dc , and work dc/sc
Work 3ch, 3dtr/tr, around this base stitch, 3ch
work dc/sc , 3dtr/tr in space of base, 3ch
Make slst in first dc/sc of the flower
Skip one stitch, and work given stitches in next chains

1 Comment:

Knitting-twitter said...

morning Lily, I will try this out
today,thank you so much for taking the time to show looks
really great...have a great day..
ciao ciao ciao Christa

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