Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interlock Tatting Chain

Interlock tatting chain,
Some days ago I have seen an interlock motif, and tried to figure out how to make this interlock chain.
you will need 2 shuttles out of ball with two different colors.
you start by doing a basic motif with just rings, and chain (mine is ring 3-3-3-3 , ch is 2-2-2-2) You make any numbers of rings, and chains, then close the motif.
Second round, you start to make rings , and interlock chains. you can make any numbers.
The only trick doing an interlock chain is to keep one of your shuttle, and its ball in front of your work, when you start to use your second color.
Here is the motif, and step by step pictures, I have made for you to see the stages of making an interlock chain. 

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Magia da Inês said...

♬♪ه° ·.
É um trabalho manual delicado e sofisticado... parabéns!

Boa semana!
✿✿ه° ·.

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