Saturday, February 7, 2015

Flower snowflake tatting motif

I have made this motif using thread size 40, and one shuttle out of ball when I did the flower, and two shuttles when I did the edge. I LOVED working with fine thread more. It is very easy, and comfortable. They always said that beginner should use bigger thread to learn, I agree with them , but want to add that  you need bigger thread to "SEE" what you are learning NOT because it is easier  to deal with bigger thread, and bigger needle or hook.

From my little experience, and through my learning I have used thread size 10, 20, 30, 40, and believe me the more I go through finer thread the easier I tat. It happened the same with me when I  crocheted, and even knitted . So when I use finer crochet hook, and very finest thread like thread size 100 it was easier for me.

so what is the easier aspects of working with fine thread, and fine hook or needle??!!!
First , it is so so light to carry that fine hook or needle, and also that fine thread.
Second , it will give you better results specially with tatting, and crochet.
Third , it  will be easier to mange that fine thread , and it will be easier to finish your stitch.
Forth, you will get so so nice delicate , and lacy work so you will LOVE the results more.

Now here are the picture of my new motif,

 Another picture of it
I love my stitches more in this motif.

Happy tatting for you all.

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Gartendrossel said...

WOW!! Lilly, Occhi is a wonderful handwork, I am excited!


Knitting-twitter said...

amazing work dear Lily, it looks really fantastic.. ciao ciao Christa

Knitting-twitter said...
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