Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lily is going to learn Silk Ribbon Embroidery

I cannot say I am a newbie for embroidery stitches. Actually it is the most first handcraft I ever started so I already know many many embroidered stitches using silk thread or cotton. When I saw Silk Ribbon, I fall in love with so I have asked myself why not I give it a try. There are many stitches in common between embroidery , and Silk ribbon, but Silk ribbon has also its own stitches, and its own way of doing the stitches.

Silk Ribbon embroidery is really an artful work, and has lot of techniques to make it as alive painting , but I am still beginner about , How to draw alive drawing, how to use ribbon slant to create moving or alive roses, and flower, how to use paint substance to create shadows . Many new things I have to learn to create good tableau.

Any way this my start or first step to learn Ribbon silk Embroidery. You will see more stitches later.

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Elizangela said...

Olá Lily! Que coisa mais linda, bordado com fitas de seda! Que charme, tenho certeza que você vai fazer coisas lindas com esse novo aprendizado. Parabéns querida, boa sorte com o seu novo artesanato.
Um forte abraço estilo brasileiro!!!

Magia da Inês said...

São lindos, esses bordados com fitas.
Coloridos, delicados e agradáveis.
Tenho certeza que você fará lindos trabalhos criativos.

♪♫ Boa semana!
ღ° Beijinhos do Brasil ღ

Knitting-twitter said...

beautiful!! I wish, I had your patience,
ciao ciao Christa

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