Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motif's workshop

From time to time , I like to try doing new  motif, stitch , and technique. I specially prefer the challenging one. It is a chance to learn something new. Lastly there is a motif really challenging -in my own opinion, so I gave it a lot of tries to do it, and finally I did it.

This motif is a center circle surrounded by eight circles, but not started in the center like most of the crochet motif. It starts by doing 4 circles, but not completely, then doing the other four circle from inside -like the above picture.

Here I have complete the four circles , and will be ready to make the center circle.

As this picture shows, I have started to join the center circle with the outer circles.

Here I almost have joined the center circle with all circles around.

Here I have started to go out, and started to complete the other outer four circles to finish the motif.

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