Friday, December 2, 2011

Beaded bracelet (for my sister)

This is an experienced beaded crochet rope. It is 6 rows making those little hearts, and also little flowers. I have made this one using thread size 20, and steel hook size 10, and beads size 6. I have made this one for my sister too. Yes all of them for my sister because she love beads bracelets specially the rope crochet.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The final view of bracelet

The final picture of the bracelet.

Beaded crochet rope

I have made this bracelet too using cotton thread size 20, and beads size 6. But this bracelet is actually two rows. I have taught myself to read the beaded rope crochet chart both overview ,and detailed patterns. It is really easy to make yourself this kind of jewellery when you know how to work with bead in spiral way, and how to read the chart. I am working on experience bracelet now . I have made this one for my sister too.

beaded rope crochet

This beaded crochet rope is just one row . I have made it using thread size 20, and beads size 6. I have made it for my sister who likes those color.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beaded crochet rope

Oh still in pink LOL. This is a beaded crochet rope. I have made it for my sister. Actually I have made some crochet ropes bracelets for her-of course you will see them all. LOL. I have made one before with two colors, I have made this one with one color ,with seed bead size 11, and crochet hook size 10 . This rope is repeating for 8 beads. in contrary with what I thought It was difficult to work with one color at the first. Now it is ok for me to work with one color as I knew my way with beaded rope crochet. My next beaded crochet ropes are intermediate , and experience one.

Daisy stitch bracelet (for my sister)

I have done this bracelet using a daisy beaded stitch. I am learning bead stitches , and I am still beginner. I love a jewellery made of beads. until now I like two beaded stitches -net stitch, and daisy stitch. I see peyote stitch a difficult one, but maybe I will like it if I learn more about it. I have made this bracelet for my sister. I have made some for her , but she likes this more. It is so delicate bracelet , and as she has a small hand, so she likes it more.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Joy with beads

This is my cuff bracelet. It is not my first time with beads; I have done some pieces before. I am just so beginner beader. I just know the name of bead stitches . I even don't know how to make all basic yet. BUT I saw Barb' bracelet ;I fall in love with it , so I wanted to try it. This pattern has been written for intermediate to advanced beader, and I am just beginner. I DID IT.

Barb has an amazing way to explain, and has an amazing way to draw. She made me an Intermediate beader in one step. LOL. I really love her wonderful method of explanation , I imagine her explain , and draw before my eye , so this is the reason why I could do this intermediate bracelet.
My bracelet is wider than her; actually her bracelet is perfect in its even stitch, and its so so sweet colors . I will give this pattern another try with smaller beads to make it elegant like her bracelet.
You can see her bracelet here Barb'Blog

You can also know more about
Her Pattern here

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colorful Tunisian Crochet Stitch

They are two different Tunisian crochet. One of them is colorful, the other is difficult than the first. Both of them are Charted Japanese stitches. I love Charted more than written pattern; In addition I adore Japanese taste and books. I already said I will do more and more Tunisian Crochet. LOL

Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian Crochet! Every time I looked at Tunisian Crochet, I left it without any attention. Some times I told myself what this kind of crochet could be different from normal crochet?! There is a mistake has happened changed this point of view. I have asked my brother to bring me a specific size of crochet hook, and he didn't know the difference between Crochet hook, and Tunisian hook, so he has bought a Tunisian crochet instead of crochet hook. I looked at this Tunisian hook and laughed . I told myself I will try this kind of crochet; I already have its hook LOL.

When I started to know about Tunisian Crochet ;I really fall in love with it. It is really amazing handcraft, and its stitches are really wonderful. There is something else about Tunisian Crochet-it has its own personality. It is not completely crochet, and also not knit. It is Tunisian LOL I think I will do many Tunisian crochet work. I love it!!!!

The final view

This is the final view of this crochet stitch.

Crochet Stitch

From time to time, I like to try some new crochet stitches. I loved this stitch so I give it a try, and wanted to share you its steps.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple bracelet

I am not beader, but I like beads so much. I like to try doing something from beads from time to time. Of course I have used so simple stitch to make this simple bracelet.

Friday, July 15, 2011

thread cap for little miss

This is a cap for my niece-Jana. I have made it using thread size 10, and hook size 1.75mm.

close look at thread cap

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The bag and the original motif

This is the picture of my bag when I finish it. You can see the whole motif on the bag, but I am not sure if you will make it this way because I love the whole motif in Priscilla book more than this one.
So maybe I will use the figure number 49 In Priscilla not this arrangement.

Parts of Motif 49 from Priscilla Book No.1

This is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful motif. I love it when I saw it first time. I want to use it , and make something worth for this lovely motif, but I was so busy to think of some thing. Then I found a Japanese magazine using this motif to make a bag. Oh my motif! I told myself , this is your next project so I have started to make my lovely sweet motif -when I was in the middle of studying- There was some time, and I wanted to use it to make something useful and also relaxing.
I didn't finish my bag , but I have finished the parts of my motif, but I won't complete it until I make my bag . I need to finish the body of the bag first before I start to finish my lovely motif.

playing with bullion stitch

Bullion stitch seems very hard one with very good looking. I love this stitch so I have spent some time with it actually lot of time. Why? because I want to discover it not just to do it. I saw some people use a small tool to do this stitch ; this is a good idea to start doing it, but it is not good when you want to do Bullion Stitch with an Irish Crochet because you use a very tiny thread, and very thin crochet hook. So I cannot use these kind of tool to make an Irish motif with a lot of Bullion stitch. In another side the appearance of stitch using these tool is different form the Bullion stitch's appearance. The original Bullion stitch has a cone appearance ,but with the tool it has a tubular shape.
So it was my turn lol to know how I can make this stitch. After a lot of practicing and trying to know how this stitch can be made I discovered some rules -simple rules but really worked with me.
I will share you these rules,
First, practise it as you can , and also really love it when you practise it.
second , when you wrap the thread or yarn wrap it gently so it will be loose a bit. just a bit
Third, squeeze the wrapped yarn or thread when you trying to complete the stitch so the wrapped will seem as they are a tube ; imagine this in your mind.
Forth, you can change the direction of the tip of hook to be upper when you complete the stitch, but with practicing you won't need this too. Hope these tips are useful. Maybe I will make a little video when I have time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fingless gloves

I have found a picture of this fingerless gloves of a site, but I don't have its pattern. I have made it from its picture. I also have to depend on my previous experience to make the wide part for the thumb, and also to finish it. This part doesn't exist in the original pattern. I will write its pattern as I did it for anyone who wants to make this fingerless gloves.

Close look at fingerless gloves

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Sun in Egypt

I thought about what I can say or write in this day, and don't know what I can write. It is new day in our life. very new day in every and each thing. It is new even if inside me.

I thought to write about what this regime , and his president did with us, and how spoiled everything here, but discovered that I will re-write the same history of every tyrant existed , so nothing new I will add.

I think I will write about what things changed inside me, what happened inside me in those 18 days, what I discovered, and realized.
I discovered that I didn't know my people well, and I should to know them more. I discovered what one world means as I saw many protesters all over the world stand to say No to this tyrant for us. I found myself waited many comments , supporting , SMS, and e-mailes from all over the world. I loved to see many e-mails form my friends all over the world sending , carrying worry about me, and my country. many of them prayed for us. I always read about fighting tyranny , dictatorship , but those day have taught me what fighting means, and what should to be , and pay to get rid of them.
I have studied law, political systems, and never live these principles as we never have law of state. I have known that, but I never know the limit of this dictatorial system until I saw it face to face. I realized what mean when you put the whole state , and whole people in one hand- horrible thing. There is distance between to know, and to realize, to read, and to see. Many lawful meaning manifested to my mind as if I didn't and never study them. I have discovered what sharing in political life means; it is a duty, and necessity for each one wants his/her country not to get back. The problem with me was I didn't say any political party deserves to share or work with even if the party I respected . Why? because I saw it play inside the game not out of it. I really couldn't play or handle with this system as I saw it play by us not with us as political parties . I realized what civic institutions means, and their roles too.
I realized what first breath means, and what new birth means too.
Actually I realized many many many things more than I can record or write about.

one thing stills inside me,that I feel so sad, and cannot feel a real happy inside me because I know that many many people who did and share us this victory are not here any more. They cannot enjoy what they did because they are dead now. We believe they are martyrs , but I cannot feel happy without them .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No-turning-chain (DC)

Very wonderful technique to know. Thanks for the lady who made this video.

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